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The residence permit in the UAE is always temporary. UAE does issue a permit for permanent residence, but it is always connected to the residence visa - RESIDENCE VISA IN UAE .

There are two types of residence visas:

  • Government and business visa.
  • Visa from sponsors and investors.

RESIDENCE VISA IN UAE is issued with a validity of a specified period, normally no more than three years, however it is always granted with the option of further extension. The residence visa in EUA can be canceled by the Government system automatically if you are away from the Country for more than 180 consecutive calendar days. In this regard, just you obtained the residence visa in United Arab Emirates, if you do not live there in a stable way, can be kept visiting the Country at least twice a year.

A RESIDENCE  VISA IN UAE is obtainable when:

1. You are a shareholder of a company in the UAE - Visa from sponsors and investors.
2. You are referenced and sponsored by a local agent in UAE or sponsor in UAE - Visa from sponsors and investors.
3. You are employed as a labor force in the UAE - Government and business visa.
4. You buy real estate with a value not less than 1ml of AED (about $ 280,000) - Visa from sponsors and investors.

The UAE residence visa, even if received through the purchase of real estate (v. Point 3 above), gives the right to live in the Country and to open a bank account, but in this case it is not permitted to work in the same Country.
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