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In the Western world the word "sponsor" commonly indicates a subject of any kind which precisely sponsors someone or something, such as a football team, an event of any kind, a singer and so forth.

In the UAE, the word "sponsor" has acquired a different meaning. A representative appointed is an UAE local agent or UAE sponsor - LOCAL AGENTS IN UAE – SPONSORS IN UAE.

The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE is a kind of checker and guarantor at the same time, it is concerned to facilitate business activities and it is responsible before local Authorities for administrative and bureaucratic issues, but each activity performed by the local agent or the sponsor within the company can be formalized, then governed by specific agreements, including but not limited to:

The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE can be appointed, to open a bank account on behalf of the company.
The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE can be appointed, to operate on current accounts of the company.
The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE can be appointed, to intervene and deal with customers and/or suppliers.

Particularly, each task or activity performed by the local agent in the UAE or by the sponsor in the UAE can be: defined, limited and/or granted.

The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE in some cases is also an agent (defined as Intermediary), distributor, or a subject owning special licenses with which to establish business partnerships. In these cases, the sponsor assumes an extremely operating role, therefore, consulting contract in the UAE made by BBC-LLP, it is indispensable for agreements and any formality necessary for conducting the business in Dubai or generally in UAE.

The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE can be a private individual, a Company or even the Authority.

Current legislation in the UAE provides the entity intended as:

Branch and/or representative office of a foreign company operating in the UAE, better defined as Branch or Representative Office of Foreign Companies - BROC.

even under the guise of Company:

  • Off-Shore ones in UAE.
  • Free Zone ones in UAE.

They can be 100% foreign-owned, with the only constraint and obligation to appoint a local agent in the UAE, who in this case, must not hold a 51% of share.

The local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE takes responsibility and visibility before local Authorities and in some cases, he has control of a certain type of market, or provided with certain licenses.

The latter company organizations (Off-Shore companies in the UAE and Free Zone companies in the UAE), if established to engage in activities which are different than BROC ones, have no obligation to appoint a sponsor in the UAE but they must not have business within the UAE and/or legal entities residing in the UAE.

Sponsorship is a management policy which is very efficient, useful to control the flow of migration, setting it and managing it.

Since the sponsor is responsible for the behavior of the foreign entity, responding personally, risking its name and reputation (name and reputation are elements that distinguish a sponsor over another); if that does not take an appropriate behavior or breaks the rules, it makes sure to safeguard itself sponsoring a foreign reliable subject that does not put at risk rules and regulations. For these reasons, the sponsor in the UAE should be considered as a source of information and help.

For any service provided, the local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE receives compensation which also covers the costs of its management.

Unless specific agreements, the amount assigned to the sponsor is agreed annually and it is calculated as a percentage of turnover of the company operating in the UAE or the turnover of the foreign investor in the UAE through BROC (branch and/or office representation). The percentage is generally added to a fixed amount recognized and agreed upon between the parties.

In this regard, Bright Business Consulting LLP is the appropriate partner to ask for, to request or find a local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE carrying out the activity as a facilitator, and to identify and select the local agent in the UAE or sponsor in the UAE with the best credentials as a distributor. 

Set-up a local company in the United Arabic Emirates, having an local agent, or a sponsor of major armed operating licenses, the latter part of the team of a local company in the United Arabic Emirates - LLC, it improves the status of a company facilitating this local presence. 

Specifically, Bright Business Consulting LLP has a partnership with a company which is established in the UAE. It can act as well local agent in the UAE as sponsor in the UAE, offering to its Customer highter level of prestige as it owns the following licenses:

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Industrial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Agricultural Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Oil & Natural Gas Projects.
  • Investment Enterprises in Sport & Development.
  • Investment in Water Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Educational Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Tourist Enterprises & Management.

The local agent in the UAE or the sponsor in the UAE selected, indicated, offered and/or provided by BBC-LLP are submitted to the Customer by virtue of years of experience of the company's presence in the international arena and in the UAE.

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