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Skills in a negotiation process is of paramount importance both for a freelancer and the company to be successful, especially in the UAE, where the rules of the game still rely heavily on interpersonal relationships.

The business in Dubai, the business in Abu Dhabi and generally the business in the United Arab Emirates are an opportunity for all one.

Support in BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN UAE is a relevant Service both for a freelancer and a company, regardless of the size of it and the fact that this is a management or an executive mansion.

Understanding and managing all elements that make up their bargaining power, you can achieve better results. We witness negotiations where two or more parties recognize the existence of differences of interests or values but intend to or are forced to reach an agreement.

Negotiation marks the existence of an interdependence between the parties: each needs the other to satisfy its own interests or values. Negotiation enhances interests or values of the parties involved are divergent and/or controversial in their whole or in part.

There are two types of trading:

1. The distributive negotiation.
2. The integrative negotiation.


The parties are engaged in the distribution of a limited resource against which benefit and/or profit conflicting interests.


The parties are engaged in searching for an added value for both to create and/or claim the same value.

  • Determine the types of negotiation, highlight that the bargaining power depends on the structure of the interdependencies between the parties.

The more a part knows, controls and manages the essential resources of its counterpart, therefore putting in the condition to be his judge, the higher the bargaining power of this part is.

Bright Business Consulting LLP provides proper skills and knowledge in terms of negotiating capacity and strategic planning in order to achieve real results to its Customer in the management of its business in the UAE.

In practice, a strategy must have clear and obvious distinguishing features that are able to generate a competitive advantage both for the freelancer and for the company. In this regard the Subjects of BBC-LLP have years of experience in the field of definition of business strategies, i.e. strategies aimed at ways selectionto to compete.
A competitive advantage is obtained when a significant number of customers prefer their products or services than their competitors' ones, when you have the ability to control costs and thus obtain and maintain an above-average profitability of the sector, when you develop competitive capabilities which are difficult to imitate, etc. Strategic decisions are the result of very complex decisions.

Well-articulated, clear, flexible, feasible and easily communicable strategies represent the means by which the self-employed and the management framework or master business implement coordinated actions, both within their professional activities and business and the surrounding environment, in order to increase the performance of the same. A contribution to this is apparent in the field of BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN UAE for example. In this phase, which is so attractive and persuasive, the freelancer and the managerial framework or master business in the United Arab Emirates decline the chosen strategy in dealing with purchasing contracts, sales and financial services in order to increase profits and credit power.

The outcome of a negotiation may depend on the whole survival of a business activity and business that does not end with the simple trade agreement which is concluded, but it is something that goes far beyond. The lack of adequate skills and good interpersonal skills by the freelancer, the management framework or master business, can turn an excellent strategy for action in critical situations for their activities. Communication as a whole, consciously and effectively, in a deal negotiation is an essential element.

Understanding the other person, anticipate, overcome his objections, manage the critical phases of negotiation are key strategic levers. Bright Business Consulting LLP provides a service for the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN UAE.

Free Counselling: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service of "FIRST MEETING-COMPLETELY FOR FREE".