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partnershipOne of the recurring needs of businesses and/or entrepreneurs in general is to find a financial, commercial or convenient partner or sponsor in the UAE.

Also common is the need to identify managers, even temporal ones and everything that contributes to company internationalization or Dubai and in the Emirates Arab United business, or anything which is about starting-up a new business or project, tax location included, in Dubai, in Abu Dhabi and Emirates Arab United, generaly.

The topic concerning sponsors in the UAE is especially well-explained in the section: LOCAL AGENTS IN UAE – SPONSORS IN UAE which is present in this site.

In regards to the identification of one or more partners in the UAE, as each situation is unique, it is useful to understand the details and the requirements of the specific case to ease supporting the Customer. This kind of activity is usually done when Bright Business Consulting LLP is contracted by the Customer to provide a FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR THE SET-UP OF BUSINESS IN UAE, which is a suggested activity for those who prefer planning their business better.

Additionally, as soon as expressed in the previous paragrap, it assumes more importance if you want to take part in the EXPO 2020, which will be held in Dubai. This requires proper preparation.

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