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Contact, Support and Business in International Markets 


pee eau engIn short, the project:
The project "Park European Excellence" is the tool and the most congenial and useful way to accompany companies and entrepreneurs, no only European, of all sizes, who may be interested in operating outside his Country of origin and within International Markets. The project is fulfilled by providing the contact with the local authorities (embassies, consulates, State and/or municipal companies, etc.) and international trading partners, managing the procedural process, and if the various bureaucratic and administrative offices, as well as supporting the inclusion of the companies and entrepreneur no only European with prerequisites and eligibility for "doing business" in the market of his own interest, being it understood as: development, achievement, consolidation and optimization of the same. These are the aims of the project.
The procedure to take part in the project follows a simple protocol - protocol PEE:

1.  By the company and entrepreneur concerned fills in the Form "Showing/Expression of Interest" formalized and made available aside BBC-LLP.

2.  BBC-LLP registers the company or entrepreneur in the PEE project.

3.  BBC-LLP examines the documents required to the company and entrepreneur.

4.  First Meeting with the exchange of Precautionary Information between BBC-LLP and the company or the entrepreneur.

5.  BBC-LLP first introduces the company and entrepreneur to local authorities.*

6.  BBC-LLP first introduces the company and entrepreneur to the business partners.*

The outcome is the result of the whole quality and good nature of the business activities added to the united forces established and managed in those Countries where BBC-LLP acts, that is, the International Markets explored by the company. In these Countries exclusive relationships have crystallized and they are non-reserved to castes of entrepreneurs or selected entrepreneurial situations.
On the other hand, the access to the PEE project is reserved to all those willing to engage actively in the elementary business model of "company development" following the provisions of the protocol.
The agreements have generated formulas and patterns of settlement and penetration in the International Markets which vary according to the countries, to the markets themselves and to the business to be performed or organize.
The access to financing is a major concern for businesses or entrepreneurs, especially in the current global financial and economic crisis.
In such background the PEE project, through its international partners involved, proposes action plans to access the financing granted by the European Commission. The plans contain financial products aimed at facilitating access to bank credit but also actions to improve the venture capital market.
The support given to the person participating in the PEE project is not to be considered as financing in a literal sense. Although it is vital for the "business development" when the company is not able to self-sustain, funding is not the only way to deal with the International Markets. In fact, you can access alternative forms of financing able to support the business, including: grants, loans, guarantees, and other financial instruments.
BBC-LLP, single point of contact to join the PEE project for its outreach activities, support to business and accompanying it benefits from a royalty. In relation to a series of elements that distinguish the various fields of activity and service the royalty changes in the title, in the manner and to the extent (in each case between 0,75% to 25%).

*: With reserve of BBC-LLP by virtue of the assessment for the individual case. 

The essential requisite is the required title:

Made in Europe

The “Made in Europe” is meant in the broad sense of the term: you have to think not only to the European manufacturing industry and/or that can become, but all that is technology, expertise and knowledge of European and/or that can become, products, goods or services (for example everything concerns trade, production, crafts, design, food, art, furniture, innovation, fashion and so on).

Being Leader in Emirate Market

Selling or Producing in the Emirate Market


gestioneSelling or producing in the Emirate Market is an ambition of many companies and entrepreneurs no only European. Who has embarked on this path on their own found many difficulties, except in special and rare exceptions. The bureaucratic limits and the social austerity often cause a high waste of energy and resources, thus resulting in losses and economic conditions that may normally lead the initiative to failure.

Selling or producing regularly produce in this Country is hard.

The contact with the appropriate channels, the link with the banking institutions, the access to credit or the opportunity to use ad-hoc financial instruments, as well as the identification of areas of settlement and of a system to achieve market penetration are among the earliest goals to do and manage business in the Emirate Market. Through BBC-LLP and the project "Park European Excellence" is possible to acquire both the appropriate contacts and the support to the business in such a valuable market.

So the emiratian experience is the opportunity to be seized, but with the appropriate knowledge and skills.

Through the support of the local authorities, BBC-LLP Subjects which live permanently in the United Arab Emirates – UAE, as well as Agents & Local Partners – Sponsor, BBC-LLP supports the active European company or entrepreneur, no only European, interested in producing and/or trading in very rich markets of the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates (Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the Arab League) its own products, goods or services (such as in trade, production, craft, design, food, art, home furnishings, innovation, fashion, etc).

The main macroeconomic pointers describe the United Arab Emirates - EAU as a Country projected towards a balanced development as a result of a far-sighted policy of diversification, careful structural development and constant control of the rate of inflation. Its strategic location between Europe and Asia has certainly contributed to the rapid development of this economy.

Seventh Country in the world, in which the “oil & gas” industry is no longer the key component of the GDP of the Country, but leaves the first place to Service. The main investing opportunities in UAE, concern the oil industry, electrical equipment, water distribution, machinery and mechanical equipment, as well as in the consumer sector, especially for the production and sale of jewelry, furniture and clothing.

Sectors towards which to direct, as a priority, investment opportunities concern:

  • RENEWABLE ENERGY IN UAE: The UAE is investing heavily in renewable energy with the goal of becoming a green and efficient Country, thanks to lower consumption of gas and oil, sustainable materials and digital technologies. Underpinning this sustainable push there is a continuous increase for energy across the MENA (Middle East & North Africa) and the demand is going to grow by 7% a year between now and 2020. Investments exceeding 200 billion USD are expected.
  • LOGISTICS IN UAE: The infrastructure and transport in general, are addressed more than 43 billion USD of investments. Among the most significant works infrastructure are outstanding starting from from the airport, Metro lines and the extension of rail network.
  • REAL ESTATE IN UAE: Due to their strategic location, the UAE is a major center for exporting all over the Middle East. In the last few years, the United Arab Emirates have become increasingly one of the most important places with regard to the continued growth ofprofitable industries and activities. Looking at this development it is inevitable that the real estate industry profit from it. Private investors and non-private ones in search of safe real estate investements abroad, today are increasingly attracted to this Country. The reasons are a favorable regulatory framework and an extremely attractive tax system. To cope with the expected increase in population they are also planning massive private investment in the construction of homes, offices and commercial buildings. An estimated 45,000 new housing units will have been placed in the market by the end of 2015.
  • MINING RESOURCES IN EAU: The UAE is the world's seventh producer of both oil and natural gas. They alone have an estimated reserve of 97 billion barrels, which about 94% is in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi. All this oil is mostly exported and the UAE are going to go on targeting their commercial viability. In addition to their vast oil reserves, the UAE also have over 210 thousand cubic feet of proven reserves of natural gas. Nevertheless, the Country is a gas importer.

Significant factors that encourage investment in the United Arab Emirates – UAE:

- A strengthening of the attraction of foreign investment through economic and legal reforms.
- Low import duties.
- A stable legal framework into corporate rules.
- A low cost of labor, mainly from Countries from Indian sub-continent.
- Favorable tax and regulations (e.g. Free Zone Companies in the UAE). Generally taxation in the UAE is almost insubstantial. In particular, taxes in Dubai are 0%, the same scenario is presented in other Emirates such as Abu Dhabi or Sharjah which in turn issue: 0% taxes in Abu Dhabi and 0% taxes in Sharjah.

To seize the opportunities offered by the Emirate Market you need to be present on site. Selling or regularly produce in this country is hard, given also the fact that the business conducted within the Emirates, may only be conducted by an agent (local agent and/or sponsor), called – LOCAL AGENT IN UAE – SPONSOR.

In this regard, Bright Business Consulting LLP is the appropriate partner to ask for, to request or find a sponsor in the UAE carrying out the activity as a facilitator, and to identify and select the sponsor in the UAE with the best credentials as a distributor, and indicating the sponsor in the UAE owning commercial license in UAE necessary for the specific issue requested by the Customer.

The company or contractor participating in the PEE project will be educated and informed about the useful ways to promote, sell or produce their own products, goods or services in the Emirate Market. In this regard the ad-hoc opportunity will be submitted to individuals in relation to the needs of a specific subject.

To the company or to the entrepreneur who decides to face a run of internationalization, any both its goal, is suggested to program some specific activities, as for instance: the Business Intelligence, the Corporate Investigating & Commercial Information, a possible Feasibility Study for the Set-Up of Business and/or the Trade Missions and/or Business Missions.

To participate in the PEE project

Regularly BBC-LLP Subjects supporting companies and entrepreneurs who have previously expressed an interest in participating in the PEE project. On such occasions will then be submitted to the local authorities, the companies supported by State and Municipal shares and international trading partners interested in taking part in the PEE project.*

Throughout the consulting activities described in paragraphs listed above, from step 1. to step 6. (registration, discussion and document management is provided the payment to BBC-LLP of GBP 700.00 for the Fee VAT included – IDBBC MAN-PEE (included in the Fee are the Fee for First Meeting and Preliminary Information exchange - IDBBC SCA-IN0 and the registration Fee about PEE project - IDBBC REG-PEE).

Specific activities, as instance: the Business Intelligence, the Corporate Investigating & Commercial Information, a possible, Feasibility Study for the Set-Up of Business and/or the Trade Missions and/or Business Missions are suggested and are regulated through a specific agreement.


*: With reserve of BBC-LLP by virtue of the assessment for the individual case.

PEE Products

In PEE project, and according to many years of international experience, Bright Business Consulting LLP converged multiple services and specific Services - "PEE PRODUCTS". Such PEE PRODUCTS, designed and calibrated for both small and medium enterprises, are structured to allow these realities "to be leaders in International Markets, in British Market, in Brazilian Market, in Cinese Market and Emirate Market as well. In fact, in spite of themselves, many of these business realities, due to a limited disposable income which does not allow them to support immediately and completely their self-investment, are forced to give up exports to focus on their domestic market.