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tassazioneTaxation in the United Arab Emirates, in the absence of a clear Federal legislation, is left to the individual decision of each Emirate
that makes up its Union.

Generally taxation in the UAE, both on personal income and on corporate income tax, is almost insubstantial. In particular, taxes in Dubai are 0%, the same scenario is presented in other Emirates such as Abu Dhabi or Sharjah which in turn issue: 0% taxes in Abu Dhabi and 0% taxes in Sharjah.

Special regulations stipulate instead that taxes in the UAE must be paid by companies in the following sectors:

  • Oil & Gas up to 55%.
  • Banking & Finance up to 20%.
  • Hospitality & Tourism up to 15%.

The program also provides some indirect taxes levied by the various Municipalities within immigration.

The United Arab Emirates have signed agreements/conventions and bilateral treaties to prevent double taxation with many Countries, including United Kingdom, France, Spain, Italy and many other EU Countries, as well as other Countries.

International treaties to prevent double taxation are a tool of international tax policy, essential and useful to avoid the phenomenon in which the same person is subject to tax twice in two different Countries.

International treaties to prevent double taxation, in fact, regulate tax relations among legal subjects performing activities in the Countries which are signatory to the Agreement/Convention. This tool has the purpose to avoid taxation on income both in the Country where this has been produced and in the Country of residence of the legal subject that produced it.

International treaties on double taxation have a higher value than the legislation of the Country of residence, surpassing the same, so that the tax court is not required to consider the tax legislation in force inside the Country, then they apply the provisions of the Agreement/Convention.

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