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vita uaeThe United Arab Emirates is a safe Country, where services work and education as well as health care are the main themes that characterize it from other Countries. Especially Dubai offers a great quality of life, for businesses, too. It is a phenomenon emerged in a short time and in recent years in constant metamorphosis and evolution. City of Expo 2020, Dubai is a cosmopolitan city (about 80% of the population comes from other countries), with amazing infrastructure and business opportunities.

Why the UAE is a reference point:

  • Because they are the right combination and growing economy.
  • Because they offer excellent infrastructure.
  • Because they offer an excellent quality of life.
  • Because they involve substantial investments in infrastructure and various other projects that make the UAE a strategic Country.
  • Because they are safe.
  • Because they are stable.
  • Because they offer a developed banking and financial system.
  • Because they have developed modern infrastructure for tourism, banking, entertainment and business in general.
  • Because they have developed modern infrastructure for children, such as kindergartens, schools and universities.
  • Because they offer a high level of security and personal protection.
  • Because they request 0% tax - DUTIES IN UAE, as well as VAT is non-existent.
  • Because their legislation protects the interests of investors.
  • Because they offer a strategic geographical location.

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