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vita affari eauIn the United Arab Emirates, economic activity is regulated both by the Federal Government and each Emirate part of the EAU. Dubai is in many ways unique, in fact Authorities have deliberately led the creation of a habitat and a society which are well planned, designed and normed without excessive restrictions. As a result, Dubai offers operating conditions for the business that are among the most congenial of the United Arab Emirates, thus became a place of great attraction.

There are several opportunities in UAE  for international companies that wish to establish and conduct business in Dubai, business in Abu Dhabi and business in the United Arab Emirates in general.

In addition to weave trade relations, several companies are favorable and find convenient to have a representative office both in the UAE and in Dubai or in Abu Dhabi also, to facilitate certain processes, including:

  • The recovery of clients.
  • The comparison with customers and control of transactions conducted in the UAE.
  • Formalization and signing contacts.

Be present in the UAE can bring significant commercial benefits throughout the basin of the Middle East. Local business people, in fact, prefer to deal business with someone face-to-face on the island that they trust: "The relationships of a personal nature, in the UAE and the Arab world in general, are even much more important than in Europe or in America. "

Bright Business Consulting, besides being the congenial partner to whom entrusting the BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN UAE is also a company with experience in the ranks of international contracts, as well as the establishing international  companies in various jurisdictions (United Kingdom and Ireland, Brazil, China, Belize, Panama, British Virgin Islands (BVI), Gibraltar, Hong Kong, Cyprus, Seychelles, Singapore, Delaware and Nevis and other Countries). Therefore, the "Company" is able to assist its Customers through all phases and processes which are useful to set up a company in the UAE- ESTABLISHING COMPANY IN UAE.

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