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eau per tuttiInvesting in UAE means to settle in a Country where there is total lack of a duty system The UAE is an interesting place for those people who want to experience life – LIFE IN UAE- In a different land.

Despite its "TAX FREE IN UAE" system, the cost of living is generally very high and the goods which reach higher prices are education and housing, then, except for a few small items, food, transport and fuel turn out to be quite reasonable compared to other destinations in the world.

The UAE does not have a large area and the cities where you can choose to live are not numerous, they are cosmopolitan metropolis which were almost totally westernized in the Middle East.

Arabic is the official language, even though they clearly require a medium-high level English knowledge.

Beyond the cultural differences, the United Arab Emirates are not just a destination for tourists, in fact many foreigners think it is a great place for employment and a rich area in investing opportunities , such as trade, tourism and real estate.

Since May 7th, 2015 the exemption for getting a mandatory visa in the UAE has been in force– RESIDENCE PERMIT IN UAE for any citizen from EU Countries included in the Schengen area.

For some time, many companies or activities located in the UAE – UAE FOR COMPANIES, have been offering really competitive work packages and expatriation that each year attract thousands of foreigners seeking employment in the territory of the UAE. Dubai tends to be the favourite destination for foreigners. Typically, salaries range from a minimum of 1,200 Euros net to a maximum of € 4,000 net per month. Many companies then provide several benefits to the employee.

Job opportunities for foreigners in the UAE territory are large, particularly in the IT sector where the local Authorities are aiming to attract foreign investment. The birth of a technology park as the Dubai Internet City - DIC, is making this sector one of the richest of jobs. Despite the UAE being quite westernized, its local population is predominantly Muslim conservative and this means for a foreigner facing some problems adapting to a so different culture from Europe or other parts of the world.

High prices of some imported goods go against the nominal cost for utilities, which are partly covered by the State.

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