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impreseThe UAE are one of the most interesting destinations for people wishing to start their own business activity – ESTABLISHING COMPANY IN UAE . In the ranking made by the World Bank and International Finance Corporation, the Country is among those ones with the lowest tax – TAXES & FEES IN UAE- for business activities.

Moreover, they offer addictional advantages for INVESTING IN UAE:

  • The low cost of labor - mostly immigrants
  • The low energy cost.
  • A policy based on attracting foreign capital supported by the local Authorities.

In the UAE, there are over 40 Free Zone UAE which are geographic areas created in order to facilitate foreign investments. The companies created within these areas can enjoy numerous advantages, among which:

  • 100% foreign ownership.
  • No duty on capital gains renewable up to 15 years
  • Freedom to repatriate capital and income.
  • No personal income tax
  • Exemption from customs duties for imports into a Free Zone
  • No foreign exchange restrictions.
  • Highly flexible and confidential banking system – OPENING BANK ACCOUNTS IN UAE - which is used to work with foreign investors from all around the world.

Despite the gradual depletion of “oil & gas” resources, the economy of the United Arab Emirates had the great ability to transform itself, diversifying activity and sources of income and investing in infrastructure and services.

Investment policies in infrastructure and cutting edge building changed its geography and economy of the Country which today plays a leading role in trade, service and tourism. Foreign investors should also pay attention to the following areas of investment:

  • Health-care.
  • Food and drink .
  • Furniture and design.
  • Clothes.

The UAE corporate law allows a foreign company to have business directly through a branch or representative office. The foreign company which opens a branch may freely exercise activities for which a license is granted or through a local agent in the United Arab Emirates  or a sponsor in the United Arab Emirates - LOCAL AGENTS IN UAE – SPONSORS IN UAE.

In this regard, Bright Business Consulting LLP is the appropriate partner to ask help from, both to request or  find or a local agent or a sponsor in the UAE which can carry out the activity as a facilitator, both to identify and select the sponsor with the best credentials as a distributor, owning the working license in UAE which is demanded specifically in this Customer's case.

Set-up a local company in the United Arabic Emirates, having an local agent, or a sponsor of major armed operating licenses, the latter part of the team of a local company in the United Arabic Emirates-LLC, it improves the status of a company facilitating this local presence.

Specifically, Bright Business Consulting LLP has a partnership with a company which is established in the UAE. It can act as well local agent in the UAE as sponsor in the UAE, offering to its Customer higher level of prestige as it owns the following  licenses:

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Industrial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Agricultural Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Oil & Natural Gas Projects.
  • Investment Enterprises in Sport & Development.
  • Investment in Water Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Educational Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Tourist Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises & Management.

The United Arab Emirates have enjoyed a solid reputation and a tax-free jurisdiction for a long time. As a result of compliance with all international regulations on anti-money laundering, the United Arab Emirates are not part of the Countries in the so-called black-list.

The United Arab Emirates have signed neither the legislation nor the agreement with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Thanks to these choice, any off-shore company in UAE, which is therefore registered in the United Arab Emirates, can take advantage of total privacy to protect its investors; moreover, the United Arab Emirates enjoy an excellent and stable banking system.

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