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risorse immobiliariDue to their strategic location, the United Arab Emirates is a major center for exporting all over the Middle East. The good logistics and operational charges, its excellent infrastructure - LOGISTICS IN UAE, and its liberal government policies are attracting more and more investors. Not only that, an active promotional policy by the local Authorities, together with the political crisis in neighboring Countries, has contributed in recent years to focus and increase the flow of tourists UAE FOR EVERYBODY, pushing the Country to increase infrastructure for Accomodation. The goal is to make local economy less dependent on crude export.

In the last few years, the United Arab Emirates have become increasingly one of the most important places with regard to the continued growth ofprofitable industries and activities – BUSINESS IN UAE:

Looking at this development it is inevitable that the real estate industry profit from it. Private investors and non-private ones in search of safe real estate investements abroad, today are increasingly attracted to this Country. The reasons are simple:

  • A favorable regulatory framework to the foreign investor.
  • An extremely attractive tax system – TAXES AND DUTIES IN UAE.

The housing market is very lively in Dubai and there are good reasons to think that the value of real estate is going to be appreciated for a long time. Unlike the neighboring emirates, Dubai can not rely on rich oil reserves. Its economic development is therefore very closely linked to trade, excellent infrastructure, tourism.

We should mention the strategic plan for tourism, called "Tourism Vision for 2020", approved by Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum (Vice President and Prime Minister of UAE and Ruler of Dubai) where, on the occasion of the event Expo 2020, he has already planned a target of 20 million visitors. The tourist flow makes it clear that the Country is focusing on the development of infrastructure for Accomodation, with a wider choice of products and services offered. This represents a real opportunity for investment in the United Arab Emirates for enterprises  including foreign – OFF-SHORE COMPANIES IN UAE- that are willing to enter the UAE market or strengthen their positions in this area.

In addition to continuing to achieve five-star hotel facilities, it is in the meantime promoting the construction of hotels of lower category to meet the needs of visitors who have got a more limited budget.

Included in this context, the new guidelines introduced by the local authorities provide, among other things, the provision of free land, a reduced two month-time for the approval of construction projects and the extension of the exemption of 10% municipal tax for mid-range hotels.

To cope with the expected increase in population - RESIDENCE VISA IN UAE - they are also planning massive private investment in the construction of homes, offices and commercial buildings. An estimated 45,000 new housing units will have been placed in the market by the end of 2015.

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