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logisticThe construction industry, infrastructure and transport in general, are addressed more than 43 billion USD of investments. Among the most significant works infrastructure are outstanding starting from from the new airport in Dubai (Al Marktoum International Airport) that will handle over 12 million tons of cargos and 160 million passengers a year. The program also includes measures for the existing airport, which is Dubai International Aiport. By 2018, it will have carried 90 million passengers versus the current 60 million.

Substantial investments are going to be taken, estimating about 6.8 billion USD, for the development project of the Abu Dhabi International Airport, an opportunity in Abu Dhabi, too, which, once the expansion plan in 2017 will be done, is going to welcome 30 million passengers a year versus the current 11 million.

When people tell you to invest in Dubai, Abu Dhabi or to invest in the UAE, they mean to take any opportunity that comes from the territory and the transformation of the Country.

United Arab Emirates invested hugely in the Metro lines,too. Abu Dhabi will need about 3 million USD for the construction of the new subway in the capital, while in Dubai, the Director of the Road and Transport Authority (RTA Transportation- Director of the Authority) has confirmed that by 2030 the city will have had three new Metro lines (Blue, Gold, Purple) and will have bettered the existing ones. It also plans to improve connections to the metropolitan rail network, which is currently under construction by Etihad Rail.

The Federal Etihad Rail is one of the most important and impressive infrastructure projects currently under construction in the United Arab Emirates. It involves the building of an extensive rail network intended to serve the entire Country. About 1,200 km of lines will connect the main urban and industrial centers of the United Arab Emirates and they should be completed by 2018.

There will be significant long-term investments to extend the rail network from the Arabian Peninsula to Jordan, Syria and Turkey, to connect with the railway systems of Europe and Asia.

Among all the scheduled projects, it is worth mentioning the doubling of the road axis linking Dubi to Abu Dhabi via a 35 km long causeway that will run between the Dubai Creek and the port of Jebel Ali.

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