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opportunità eauSince the discovery of oil resources in 1958, the UAE has undergone a deep transformation from an impoverished area of small emirates in the desert to a modern Country with high living standards, so the opportunities in Dubai, opportunities in Abu Dhabi, as well as the opportunities in the United Arab Emirates in general, have been multiplied during the past years.

The United Arab Emirates are a Country of great interest and great opportunities due to their high income not only from oil but also from manufacturing industry, trade, service and a strong will to import, driven by domestic demand both for investment and consumption goods, but above all by the request of the Middle East, Africa and Asia, to whom the UAE act as distributors of goods imported from third parties. This places the Country in a strategic position as a powerful "platform".

The opportunities in UAE regarding mainly the investment the oil industry, the electrical equipment, the water distribution, the machinery and the mechanical equipment, in particular for light industries. In the consumer sector, exciting opportunities are registered for the production and sale of jewelry, furniture and clothing.

Interesting trade and economic prospects are also offered from services and, above all, from participating in tenders conducted by the Municipalities or the local Authorities. Sectors such as waste disposal, delivery and management of essential services are still unexplored, then all of it represents new opportunities in the United Arab Emirates

Despite the Country's economy be linked heavily to oil and gas, the Government has undertaken a policy of diversification of the economy, focusing on the field of renewable energy.

The need to diversify has led the UAE to invest in infrastructure and telecommunications, logistics, as well as to stimulate private sector, trade and foreign investment, especially in real estate.

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