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investireWhy should you invest in the UAE? The opportunities in Dubai as well as the opportunities in the United Arab Emirates in general, are many and the  main macroeconomic pointers describe the United Arab Emirates - UAE as a Country projected towards a balanced development as a result of a far-sighted policy of diversification, careful structural development and constant control of the rate of inflation. Its strategic location between Europe and Asia has certainly contributed to the rapid development of this economy..

Investing in UAE, means investing in the seventh Country in the world which is a producer of oil and natural gas; the future global economic outlook shows how the “oil & gas” industry is no longer the key component of the GDP of the Country, leaving the first place to Service, which has been getting significant developments.

Obvious manifestations of this change of trend can be seen in:

Great attention to social activities that every year receives more than 50% from public funds. Priority investments in education and healthcare, as well as infrastructure, i.e. aqueducts and electricity.

Regarding to foreign investors, the Country records a great keen on free trading. In the overall, it is freely allowed to sell directly to consumers through a retailer and you can set up joint ventures or authorize a local company – ON-SHORE COMPANIES IN UAE- to sell its products under franchising contracts.

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