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agentiBright Business Consulting LLP organizes Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to penetrate International Markets, then to do business in Dubai, to do business in Abu Dhabi and in the United Arab Emirates in general, finding to cull the opportunities in UAE.

There are two different kinds of Services:

Exploratory Missions: which are planned in order to find useful direct information, which are critical for deciding the three fundamental conditions at the base of any commercial project and its businecc developement: pragmatism, sustainability and stability. This type of mission is commonly favored by companies that have decided to establish theri headquarters and/or representative office in the market where they are interested in, obliged to meet potential business partners and establish a company or a joint venture with them.

Trade Missions: which are organized in order to get immediatly contacts with a number of potential business partners and/or customers, therefore crediting the company and its services and/or products towards the formalization of distribution and/or sales agreements.

Contact, Support and Business in Emirate Market: It is the assumption of Project PEE, whose is the tool and the most congenial and useful way to accompany companies and entrepreneur no only European, of all sizes, who may be interested in operating outside his Country of origin and within Emirate Market.

PEE Products: In project PEE, and according to many years of international experience, Bright Business Consulting LLP converged multiple services and specific Services - "PEE PRODUCTS". Such PEE PRODUCTS, designed and calibrated for both small and medium enterprises, are structured to allow these realities "to be leaders in International Markets, in British Market, in Brazilian Market, in Cinese Market and Emirate Market as well. In fact, in spite of themselves, many of these business realities, due to a limited disposable income which does not allow them to support immediately and completely their self-investment, are forced to give up exports to focus on their domestic market.

FREE COUNSELLING: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service of "FIRST MEETING-COMPLETELY FOR FREE".