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studioBright Business Consulting LLP is able to offer the best support to companies and to all those ones who wish to start up their own business  in the United Arab Emirates.

The useful purpose of a feasibility study for the set-up of the business in the UAE, has as its aim the examination of Customers' businesses way, transforming its thinking and assumptions in elements that allow the Parties to consider how to continue the project.

A thorough check-up allows us to analyze the compliance of the services or products regarding to standards to make a business in United Arabic Emirates, as well as checking any regulations, certifications, documentation and so forth. Although occupying creative time, a study conducted well supported through a market research in the UAE, is strategic to the success of the set-up of the business in the UAE.

In this circumstance, Bright Business Consulting LLP is a crucial partner, offering its Customer a great experience in international markets, together with the one aquired, before realizing business in Dubai, business in Abu Dhabi and enterprising business in the United Arabic Emirates in general. 

Topics such as opening a bank account in  the United Arab Emirates, corporate and/or personal, taxes in the United Arab Emirates, the investor Visa in the United Arab Emirates, and drafting contracts United Arab Emirates, are all issues related to the feasibility study for the set-up of business in the UAE.

Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes Trade Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to penetrate International Markets.

Free Counselling: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service  of "FIRST MEETING - COMPLETELY FOR FREE".