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partnerBright Business Consulting LLP is able to provide the best support to businesses and to all those who wish to be structured to penetrate the rich market in UAE, opening to Arabian market and the Middle East, making and/or consolidating their business.


Targeted meetings with agents (as a business intermediary), local agents or sponsors in UAE and/or distributors, or with individuals vested with special licenses, with whom to establish business partnerships, is useful for a proper conduct of business. To complete the PARTNER & SPONSOR SERVICE IN UAE made by BBC-LLP is,if required by the Customer, the identification of the agreements between the parties, who, after being well received, is formalized in a contract Which will be perfectly drafted. In this regard, Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes, on request, individual targets and/or team ones.

Set-up a local company in the UAE, having an local agent, or a sponsor of major armed operating licenses, the latter part of the team of a local company in the UAE-LLC, it improves the status of a company facilitating this local presence.

Specifically, Bright Business Consulting LLP has a partnership with a company which is established in the UAE. It can act as well local agent in the UAE as sponsor in the UAE, offering to its Customer higher level of prestige as it owns the following licenses:

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Industrial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Agricultural Enterprise & Management.
  • Investment in Oil & Natural Gas Projects.
  • Investment Enterprises in Sport & Development.
  • Investment in Water Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Educational Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Tourist Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises & Management.

The local agent in the UAE or the sponsor in the UAE, is indispensable as well to set-up a local company in the United Arab Emirates, as to set-up a local company in Dubai or set-up a local company in Abu Dhabi.

FREE COUNSELLING: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service of "FIRST MEETING-COMPLETELY FOR FREE"