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ConsulenzaBright Business Consulting LLP is able to provide the best advice and support for the process of internationalization in UAE, to companies or whoever decides to start a phase and / or the entire process inherent to the path of internationalization.


By the project “PEE – PARK EUROPEAN EXCELLENCE”, which is organized by BBC-LLP, which represents the tool and the most congenial and helpful instrument to support the company or contractor who is not only European but in particular Italian, of all power, interested in operating outside of his Country within International Markets. BBC-LLP provides the Customer a 360 ° Service during its contitution, in any form and/or nature in the United Arab Emirates - UAE.

The project is fulfilled by providing contact with local Authorities (Embassies, Consulates, State companies and/or Municipal companies amd so forth) and international trading partners (in this case commercial and business partner in UAE), managing formal procedures and if requested, various bureaucratic and administrative tasks, as well as supporting adjusting of the subject with prerequisites and eligibility to "do business" in the market of its interest, such as: development, achievement, consolidation and optimization of the same. These are the aims of the project.

It is to mark that Bright Business Consulting LLP, through partners and BBC-LLP Subjects which live permanently in UAE, is able to support its Customers wishing to do business in Dubai, to do business in Abu Dhabi and/or to do business in United Arab Emirates in general (business in UAE) to cull the opportunities of EXPO 2020, to partecipate at fairs in Dubai and/or at fairs in the United Arab Emirates in general (fairs in UAE), to do business  with Iran,  and, accordingly advise commercial and/or legal advice for investments from Iran and Iran.

Free Counselling: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals  and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service of "FIRST MEETING - COMPLETELY FOR FREE".