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PJSCThere are two forms of joint stock companies in the UAE, "public and private" ones. Both are consistent with the implementation of projects and/or large operations and/or assets.

  • Regarding to a public joint stock company, better defined as a Public Joint Stock Company - PJSC, the minimum paid up capital amounts to a sum of not less than AED 10 million (2 million USD) high.
  • AS for private joint stock companies better defined as Private Shareholding Companies - PSC, the minimum paid up capital amounts to a sum not less than 2 million AED (about 423,000 USD) high.

For both legal forms, the chairman and majority shareholder of CDA and must be UAE citizens.

Further than that, the Law allows little flexibility in distributing profits. In fact, a joint stock companies in the UAE is subject to restrictions and monitoring by authorized audit.

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