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llcThe limited liability company, in the United Arab Emirates, better defined as a Limited Liability Company - LLC, may consist of a minimum of 2 people to a maximum of 50, whose responsibility is precisely limited to the value of shares held. The LLC company is a suitable structure for those who want to develop long-term projects in the local market of the UAE. The share capital has to be paid a minimum of incorporation but the Authority in charge from time to time verifies that the principal activity of the LLC company is adequate. Although foreign shares can not be higher than 49%, the distribution of profits and losses can be set differently, i.e. an inter-parties agreement drafted perfectly between the members of the staff.

The responsibility to manage a LLC company in UAE, may be charged to the local, to the foreign currency or a third party identified by the Authority.

One by one, referring to the Government of Dubai, the useful steps to establish a LLC company in UAE are to:

  • Define its social name and receive confirmation from the Authority in charge.
  • Draw up the articles of incorporation of LLC company to set-up a LLC company in UAE.
  • Achieve compliance of the act by the public court Notary of Dubai.
  • Achieve compliance by the Department of Economic Development.

After the conferral of such compliance, the LLC company in UAE will be enrolled in the Registry of businesses by specific request. Then, if everything is in compliance with the procedure, the establishment of the LLC company will be published in the Bulletin of the Ministry of Economy and Trade.

Obviously in the unfolding procedure all due processes have to be taken to get a working license in the UAE.

To complete and operationalize the LLC company in UAE, fulfilled all the above activities, it must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Dubai.

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