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off shore eauSince in international law referring to Off-Shore Companies  many opinions and incorrect concepts that change their meanings can be born, it is appropriate to answer a question.

- Are Off-Shore Companies lawful and legal?

When you think about this question, there is only one answer:

- ”Yes, Off-Shore Companies are lawful and legal”

This general principle is to be added to another determining principle, that is Off-Shore Companies are not illegal, it is rather how they are used which can be illegal. In fact, it can be defined as an Off-Shore Company, that is the legal entity established in a particular jurisdiction, in this case the UAE, which operates also outside of the Country itself.

The United Arab Emirates are not considered “tax haven”, although these companies are subject to 0% tax.

Further common curiosities are, e.g.:

  • What are the benefits that can result from an Off-shore Company?
  • What are the activities that an Off-shore Company can perform?

Normally members, shareholders and directors of Off-Shore Companies in UAE can enjoy Services related to protection of privacy because, with some exceptions, the law of this Country allows the use of this type of service.

Like any company, Off-Shore Companies in UAE have to bear the cost of annual management.

These costs are trivial, therefore it can be stated that among the major advantages are: the possibility of privacy protection, the affordable cost of management and the dismissal of the obligation of keeping accounts and records related to it.

High level of privacy, confidentiality, privacy and the opportunity to set up an efficient planning strategy and tax optimization are all elements that define the Off-Shore Company in EUA as a very interesting tool. To detect are the strong stability of the Country and the high level of dedication of the treatment for the exchange of information - the Country and banks operating in this jurisdiction do not release any information. In this regard, the United Arab Emirates have not signed any bilateral agreement.

One of the most important benefits that makes Off-Shore Companies in UAE better than any other jurisdictions, is the possibility of opening, on behalf of the company itself, one or more bank accounts in the Country of residence, in this case the United Arab States, which is usually not allowed in other jurisdictions (as to enjoy tax benefits, Off-Shore Companies, can not have any kind of relationship within the Country of residence, including relations of a financial nature) - OPENING BANK ACCOUNTS IN UAE.

For effects of the above elements which show valuable benefits, as well as the simple administrative activities, you may constitute an Off-Shore Company in UAE to lead multiple activities that, by their nature, do not require a precise geographic location.

Some uses of Off-Shore companies in the UAE:

  • Commercial Companies.
  • HoldingService and Consultancy Companies.
  • Royalty Holding Copyright and Patent Companies.
  • Real Estate Companies.

Some Additional Services provided by Off-Shore Companies in the UAE are:

  • Anonymity of its Shareholders .
  • Anonymity of its Managers.

Establishing an Off-Shore Companies in UAE can be in certain areas of the UAE, defined as areas with special status (Free Zone UAE - FZ), or in Dubai.

Off-Shore Companies in UAE, as said, show well the advantages mentioned above, the convenience, both in the establishment phase and during management of it, even if because of their nature they have restrictions, such as:

- They can not be used to obtain the residence visa – RESIDENCE VISA IN UAE.

Unlike the Free Zone Company - FZCO, or the Free Zone Establishment - FZE, they may be constituted for this purpose – FREE ZONE COMPANIES IN UAE.

Off-Shore Companies in UAE unlike ones in other jurisdictions, can not carry out activities together, but they must be provided with a license – ESTABLISHING COMPANY IN UAE.

Off-Shore Companies in the UAE, to get maximum benefit allowed including the dismissal of the obligation of keeping accounts and records relating to it, can not do business with local companies, including production or FZCO FZE.

Off-Shore Companies in the UAE, in turn, have restrictions. They can not under any circumstances carry out activities connected to:

  • Finance.
  • Aviation.
  • Precious metals.
  • Oil and gas.

It should be noted that an off-shore Company in UAE may hold both control of one and/or more companies, as a "holding company" and companies registered in the UAE, or in the latter case it can own shares as a member.

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The United Arab Emirates have enjoyed a solid reputation and a tax-free jurisdiction for a long time. As a result of compliance with all international regulations on anti-money laundering. The United Arab Emirates are not part of the Countries in the so-called black-list.

The United Arab Emirates have signed neither the legislation nor the agreement with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Thanks to these choice, any off-shore company in UAE, which is therefore registered in the United Arab Emiartes, can take advantage of total pricavy to protect its investors; moreover, the United Arab Emirates enjoy an excellent and stable banking system.

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