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GPCThe Emirate of Abu Dhabi also wanted its city to be named after it, as the capital of the United Arab Emirates. The city of Abu Dhabi houses the Government of the United Arab Emirates - UAE where the world's major institutions of the Country are.

The city of Abu Dhabi is considered the richest in the world, thanks to Emirate of Abu Dhabi, which is the stronghold of all Emirates due to its oil fields.

The cities of Abu Dhabi, Dubai and the United Arab Emirates - UAE in general are icons of the most exaggerated luxury, symbol of a wealthy economy and continuous progress. This major reason leads many entrepreneurs and enterprises to invest in UAE their capitals.

The foregoing issue is not the only one to establish a company in Abu Dhabi, as it does not only mean accessing to Free Zone in Abu Dhabi, which could be useful to plan business in the United Arab Emirates, in fact the establishment of a company in Abu Dhabi also means:

  • A CITY IN BIG EXPANSION: The city of Abu Dhabi and its entire Emirate are together the future of the Country because of their massive development plans, especially into infrastructure, telecommunication, logistics and the real estate industry in general, which naturally benefits from all the great ongoing expansion.
  • CORPORATE REFERENCE: i.e. the entire business set in Abu Dhabi, both foreign and local, is very qualified. Saudis and Arabs in general do business and purchases with all companies, entrepreneurs and firms working there. It is important to tell that interpersonal relationships in the Middle East still have a great meaning, setting up a company in Abu Dhabi and/or a representative office in the UAE, in Dubai and/or Abu Dhabi, means offering a guarantee, which is an element of great importance to seize opportunity in UAE .
  • RENEWABLE ENERGY: Despite the economy of Abu Dhabi comes mainly from oil and gas, the Municipality has started a policy of diversification of the economy, identifying renewable energy, as a new, major sector of reference. This was widened by the fact that the Municipality extended this policy, both within the Emirate of Abu Dhabi and at government level, therefore involving the whole Country.
  • EXPO 2020: i.e. an opportunity of business in Dubai as well as an opportunity of business in Abu Dhabi. The advertising of this event (Expo 2020 in Dubai), made all kinds of international and local investment fast, especially in real estate and tourism, which are greatly growing.

Why should I set up a company in Abu Dhabi?

First of all, establish a company in Abu Dhabi is synonymous with enormous security, both in terms of any agreement which took place in the United Arab Emirates and of the socio-political stability of the Emirate.

As in Dubai, there are special-status areas - Free Zone in Abu Dhabi. Within these areas, any foreign entrepreneur can establish a company in Abu Dhabi with his own capital entirely, benefiting from tax breaks and a tax system in Abu Dhabi, which in some cases requires taxes equal to zero.

Anyone should know, though, that a company established within a special-status area of Abu Dhabi (Free Zone in Abu Dhabi), is neither allowed, by law, to implement and do business in Abu Dhabi nor to implement and do business in the United Arab Emirates generally, therefore, outside of the perimeters of the above areas. If the company established within Free Zone in UAE , wanted to expand and then do business in Abu Dhabi or do business in Dubai, as well as do business in the UAE in general, it would have to find - depending on its kind of business and owned license – either a local agent in UAE, or a sponsor in UAE .

Set up a company in Abu Dhabi requires preparation, knowledge and organization. It is helpful to check its territory, thinking about studying the field someone wish to invest into in Abu Dhabi. Through a FEASIBILITY STUDY FOR BUSINESS SET UP IN EAU, which is a Service offered by BBC-LLP, anyone can plan their projects by seizing the best opportunity in Abu Dhabi and in general opportunity in the UAE.

An important aspect is represented by effective and solid Laws which protect confidentiality; in fact, the Government of Abu Dhabi, in addition to have been tax-free for a long time now, signed, opposite to the other emirates, neither the Directive nor the agreement with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development) in order to make data exchange easier.

As a result of compliance with all international laws against money laundering, the United Arab Emirates are not part of the Countries in the black-list.

Thanks to these elements, any company established in Abu Dhabi and established in the UAE in general, can benefit from total privacy which protects investors, enjoying a wealthy and stable banking system.

Set-Up a local company in Abu Dhabi, having an local agent, or a sponsor of major armed operating licenses, the latter part of the team of a local company in the EAU - LLC, it improves the status of a company facilitating this local presence.

Specifically, Bright Business Consulting LLP has a partnership with a company which is established in the UAE. It can act as well local agent in the EAU as sponsor in the UAE, offering to its Customer highter level of prestige as it owns the following licenses:

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Industrial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Agricultural Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Oil & Natural Gas Projects.
  • Investment Enterprises in Sport & Development.
  • Investment in Water Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Educational Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Tourist Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises & Management.

Bright Business Consulting LLP works at 360° within establishment of a company in UAE. Thanks to many years of experience both in the UAE and internationally in this particular subject, BBC-LLP is indeed a respected and authoritative company; therefore, the introduction to leading banks in the UAE, companies and/or individuals, so that they can open a bank account in Dubai or in the United Arab Emirates, is effective for banks themselves.

Bright Business Consulting LLP organizes from time to time Commercial Missions and/or Business Missions as tools for successful strategy to work in the UAE market.

Advice for free: BBC-LLP targets companies, professionals and private subjects, working in small, medium and large entities, providing a Service of "FIRST CONTACT - FOR FREE".