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costituzione societa eauThe United Arab Emirates is a Country with no taxation for the main kinds of fields. They have signed a series of agreements/conventions and bilateral treaties with other Countries, so that you can avoid the phenomenon of double taxation fees.

In UAE there are three different kind of companies, which can themselves provide for the possibility of establishing and managing all social issues through Individuals and/or Legal Bodies.

  • On-Shore Companies in UAE.
  • Off-Shore Companies in UAE.
  • Free Zone Companies in UAE.

Except Off-Shore Companies in UAE, each aforesaid company in order to pursue activities requires the release of the working license in the UAE (license), whose main purposes are:

  • COMMERCIAL: which includes all kinds of business.
  • INDUSTRIAL: it helps you to establish industrial and / or manufacturing activities.
  • PROFESSIONAL: which includes rofessions, services and craftsmen.

In Dubai, these licenses are granted and released by Dubai Department of Economic Development (except for licenses related to hotels and other types of business related to tourism, instead released by the Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing). Normally, always with regard to Dubai, all commercial and industrial activities have to be registered at the Chamber of Commerce and
Industry of the city.

Each Emirate has then its competent Authorities that may have autonomous rules aimed at regulating granting and licensing.

For some licenses related to specific categories of business, prior approval by some Ministries and Federal Authorities of the UAE is required, for example:

  • Banking and financial institutions must be licensed by the Central Federal Bank of the UAE.
  • The insurance companies and their agencies must be licensed by the Federal Ministry of Economy and Trade in EAU.
  • Pharmaceutical products, medicines and medical tools must be licensed by the Federal Ministry of Health in UAE.

Standards and more detailed criteria are applied to the business of oil and gas and their respective industries.

As a result of stable legislation and infrastructure at the forefront, the company based in the UAE developed fast and they are internationally recognized. There are so many thousands, companies from all over the world which are successfully working in the UAE.
The condition and rule to establish a company in the UAE requires the staff of the company to provide for the participation of a local citizen from the Emirates, which holds a 51% shareholding - through a sponsor in UAE - LOCAL AGENTS IN UAE - SPONSORS IN UAE.

This rule has exceptions:

  • Cases in which the Law of the Emirate requires 100% local ownership.
  • In the event that the establishment takes place in some free zones, where participation may vary or may not be required, it depends on the regulation of the – Free Zone - FZ.
  • In the event that branches and representative offices of foreign companies be in Dubai.
  • When companies in the UAE belong to "professional and/or craft" sectors, they can be 100% owned by foreign owners, thanks to derogation in compliance with the Law, and the sponsor in the UAE - LOCAL AGENTS IN UAE - SPONSORS IN UAE, still required, will not be part of the company team.

Companies in the UAE in possession of one of these licenses and issued for a particular FZ, are authorized to operate within the same and outside the UAE but not within the United Arab Emirates themselves.

If the company in the UAE wants to exercise more than one activity for which it was dismissed, it must apply for a license for each category of activity.

Business done withinh the UAE is allowed only by rapresentatives (local agents and/or sponsors), named - PARTNER & SPONSOR IN UAE and/or in presence of the same.

Set-up a local company in the United Arabic Emirates, having an local agent, or a sponsor of major armed operating licenses, the latter part of the team of a local company in the United Arabic Emirates - LLC, it improves the status of a company facilitating this local presence. 

Specifically, Bright Business Consulting LLP has a partnership with a company which is established in the UAE. It can act as well local agent in the UAE as sponsor in the UAE, offering to its Customer highter level of prestige as it owns the following licenses:

  • Investment in Commercial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Industrial Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Agricultural Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Oil & Natural Gas Projects.
  • Investment Enterprises in Sport & Development.
  • Investment in Water Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Healthcare Enterprises & Development.
  • Investment in Educational Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Tourist Enterprises & Management.
  • Investment in Retail Trade Enterprises & Management.

The United Arab Emirates have enjoyed a solid reputation and a tax-free jurisdiction for a long time. As a result of compliance with all international regulations on anti-money laundering, the United Arab Emirates are not part of the Countries in the so-called black-list.

The United Arab Emirates have signed neither the legislation nor the agreement with OECD (Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development). Thanks to these choice, any off-shore company in UAE, which is therefore registered in the United Arab Emirates, can take advantage of total privacy to protect its investors; moreover, the United Arab Emirates enjoy an excellent and stable banking system.

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