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expo logoThe next Expo 2020 will be held in Dubai. The global event which receives the baton from Milan - Expo 2015 is for some people a compulsory presence, while for others it is an opportunity to multiply their business in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, in general. In fact thanks to the Expo of Dubai, wonderful new opportunities in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates in general, are coming ahead.

Companies owning Made in Europe, Made in Russia, Made in USA, or even more appreciated in the UAE, Made in Italy can therefore praise the respective brand, aiming to expand its borders to a global dimension: leveraging their know-how and excellence of products which are Made in Europe, Made in Russia, Made in the USA and/or Made in Italy.

Thus opening doors to many needs, our company is the ideal partner for accomplishing these tasks. In that regard, there are no examples, since requirements are of a subjective character, and, therefore, subject to customized planning.

Overseeing the UAE, through our Subjects, too, our "mission", as part of the Dubai's Expo 2020, is aimed at:


Provide, formulate and find are the three words that best represent the "mission" of Bright Business Consulting LLP, which assists the Customer interested in the Expo 2020 through any the fiscal, customs, logistics, commercial and/or urban issue.

The team's goal of Bright Business Consulting LLP is leading European companies, Russian companies, American companies, as well as Italian companies along the complex rich markets of the Middle East and the United Arab Emirates (Qatar, Bahrain, Saudi Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman and the Arab League).

Finding a partner in UAE, who is financial, commercial, operational or convenient may represent an obstacle for those who are unfamiliar with this Country properly, its customs, rules and habits.

In this regard it could be very useful to read the chapter on BUSINESS MANAGEMENT IN UAE contained in this website, in which it shows the importance of the intervention of a society structured as Bright Business Consulting LLP, both to work with the United Arab Emirates and in this case the Expo 2020.

Free Counselling: BBC-LLP is aimed at companies, professionals and individuals, its small, medium and large scale offering them a Service of "FIRST MEETING-COMPLETELY FOR FREE".